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 Web Development

We combine striking graphics and today's optimal web platform to create functional websites that meet your business requirements. All of our websites are fully scalable- we can and do add functionality without the looming threat of having to eventually create a new site or move to a different platform.

Content Management Systems (CMS) websites such as Wordpress and Joomla are the top pick for most businesses due to their robust structure and the ease of maintaining pages. Features like blogs, music/video galleries, image slideshows and shopping carts are just a few of the features we offer on every website. We also have great content writers available which will help your site reflect professionalism in every word, on every page. Content is essential to ranking high on crucial search engines such as Google.

 Logo Creation

We all know how important a logo is to a company: it has to graphically represent the firm's concept and reputation. We have to use the best graphic artists. We also have to know the firm, its line of business and its work. Unlike other graphic design companies, we create most of our logos by using traditionally skilled artists to create detailed hand drawn sketches based on the client's input. Then of course, our great team of graphic designers trace the logo digitally.

Our vast experience in logo creation allows us the confidence to deliver the best unique logo for your company- a logo that you (and the Lordcuz team) will take pride in.

 Custom Design

Sometimes companies or individuals need special graphic design work. Most of the time this isn't available from run-of the-mill graphics providers. Whether you are looking for large scale advertising such as banners, posters, window clings; or special projects such as graphic novel illustration, canvas art for interior decoration, air spray custom painting, etc., Lordcuz has a team amazing artists that love a challenge.

Even the most peculiar project can be handled with professionalism, in a timely manner, and with striking innovation. If you have a special graphic project, contact us. We have an incredible network of resources and connections with graphic studios such as MEQ.

 Tailored SEO

It's pretty amazing how much business you can get from Google searches these days. Also amazing: how much money you can waste optimizing your website to rank high on search engines by not hiring experts in the field.

Even worse, you could throw away thousands of dollars on Google Adwords each month only to see how the drawn traffic never actually converts into sales. Before we take on an SEO project we analyze your proposed keywords and study the market; finding exact keywords that express your services perfectly, and avoid the oversaturated ones that could seriously compromise your sales.

We don't like to brag
but we've won awards

The American Association Of Webmasters Awards are primarily designed to supply formal recognition to webmasters and designers who have shown outstanding achievement in web design, content and creativity.

  Web Portfolio

Some of the sites we have built

We offer a complete array of web services such as: domain acquisition, web design, web development, custom coding, hosting, email service, and internet marketing (Adwords, AdSense, etc.)

  Tailored SEO - Internet Marketing

Make sure your audience sees you.

Before wasting thousands with Google Adwords, have a talk with us. Maybe a more specific target-oriented campaign is the best solution for your business, your budget, and its market.

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The company's mission is to use functional technology and tailored personal assistance in order to serve in capacities ranging from the programming to the artistic.

Exempli Gratia

Fuerza Latina Magazine

Services: Web Development, Hosting, Security and Emails.

Lordcuz is proud to service Fuerza Latina Cristiana with their website's daily maintenance, support, hosting, security, and email account management. Since 2010, Fuerza Latina increased its mailing list to 50,000 contacts and 20,000 Facebook fans. It holds position 529,177 in the Alexa Global Ranking and 317,047 in the US Ranking. Visit their site

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